Multi-functional Common Rail Test Bench HCR-708

HCR-708 is high-pressure common rail electronic control system comprehensive test bench. It adopt fully automatic control system, it can be very convenient for electronic control common rail injectors (including piezoelectric common rail injectors), high-voltage electronic control common rail pumps, testing and maintenance of electronically controlled unit pumps, electronically controlled pump nozzles, etc. It can test thousands of models of electronically controlled fuel injectors and high-voltage electronically controlled common rail pumps, including BOSCH, DELPHI, DENSO, SIMENS, CATERPILLAR, CUMMINS (DONGKANG, FUKANG), etc. The test data is complete.


1. Testable electronic control common rail injector brands: BOSCH, DENSO, DELPHI, CATERPILLAR, CUMMINS, SIMENS.

2. Brands of high pressure common rail pumps that can be tested: BOSCH, DENSO, DELPHI, CATERPILLAR, CUMMINS, SIMENS.

3. It can accurately and automatically test the high-pressure tightness, full-load fuel injection volume, fuel return volume, discharge point fuel injection volume, idle fuel injection volume, pre-injection volume, and pre-injection fuel return volume of the electronically controlled common rail injector.

4. It can automatically generate fuel quantity correction codes for electronically controlled common rail injectors: QR, IQA, IMA, ISA, c2i, c3i, (VD0) ICC.

5. It can accurately detect the high-pressure fuel supply capacity of the high-pressure electronically controlled common rail pump, the pressure regulating characteristics of the low-pressure fuel inlet metering valve, the PCV high-pressure proportional valve (HP0, 320D, etc.), and the oil absorption capacity of the high-pressure common rail pump with its own delivery pump. Fuel supply pressure, etc.

6. Equipped with cam box control unit and clamping fixture, it can easily detect the oil quantity of each load of the pump nozzle and the unit pump, and can quickly and accurately judge the damaged parts of the electronic control pump nozzle and the electronic control unit pump.

7. The armature lift test of the solenoid valve of the injector, the opening pressure test, open pulse width test, response time test, resistance and inductance of solenoid valve test of the electronically controlled common rail injector.

8. It is possible to manually edit and test characteristics of the fuel injector. The test process can be selected according to the actual situation, and the test data report can be automatically generated.

9. 6 groups of test data can be displayed at the same time, which is convenient for data comparison.

10. According to the information such as the amount of fuel in each operating condition, the interface prompts and other information, the damaged part of the electronic control common rail injector can be judged by itself.


Service voltage: 380V3(220V or other voltage optional)

Solenoid valve drive current: 0-30A

Fuel temperature control: Heater and forced circulation air cooling system.

Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz

Main motor power: 11KW/Optional15KW

Fuel temperature conltro: 40±2°C

Use environmental temperature: <35°C

Maximum pressure of high pressure system: 250Mpa

Common rail pump: Bosch CP3.3

Pressure control range: 0-2500Bar

Injector injection duration: 100-5000μs

Motor speed range: 0-4000rpm

Flowmeter(Electronic control injector flow test): 0-4000ml/min

Flowmeter(High pressure common rail pump fuel supply test): 1-400L/H

Center distance between motor spindle and worktable: 125mm

Noise level: <75dB

Test fuel tank volume: 40L

Weight: 800KG

Exterior size: 1910x1200x1730mm

Package size: 2010x1230x1920mm


1. High-precision fuel volume measurement system: high-precision gear flow meter.

2. Test fuel automatic temperature control system: heater and forced circulation air cooling system

3. Equipped with installation bent plates, spacers, bushings and other kits suitable for connecting high-pressure common rail pumps to the main drive motor8. With CAM box and mounting fixture(It is suitable for electric control pump nozzles and electric control single pump)

4. Equips with the special wire harness connecting the high pressure common rail pump, the electronic control pump nozzle, the electronic control unit pump and the electronic control common rail injector.

5. Accurate rail pressure acquisition system:BOSCH rail pressure sensor and BOSCH common rail tube

6. Precise rail pressure control system: Bosch high-pressure proportional control valve (DRV valve)

7. Low-pressure fuel supply secondary filtration system: 3-5μ filtration accuracy.

8. Measuring fuel circuit two-stage filter system.

9. High pressure common rail pump Bosch CP3.3

10. DRV Pressure regulating valve forced air cooling system.

11. Electronically controlled fuel injector fuel injection forced cooling system.

12. The independent pressure supply system of the electronically controlled common rail injector is separated from the main drive motor.

13. Provide test fuel forced fuel supply system (0-1MPa) and filter system (3-5μ).

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Multi-functional Common Rail Test Bench


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