Tester and Instrument CRDI

CRDI common rail fuel system smart tester for EUI/EUP Cat320D VP36 VP37 VP44 HP0 common rail injector and pump.

1. Can test diesel pump together with 12PSB diesel pump test bench.

2. The tester can test common rail injector, either solenoid or piezo injectors.

3. Can test all kinds of common rail pumps including, cp1, cp2, cp3, cp4 pumps, Denso HP0, HP3, HP4 pumps, Siemens and Delphi pumps.

4. Can test Caterpillar 320D common rail pump. It is designed to perform repair and tests for different type of Electronic Unit Injectors(EUI) and Electronic Unit Pumps(EUP). The tester consists of a mechanical cam box with specified EUI/EUP adapter kits and electronic controller.

5. Can test Bosch VP37 pump tester EDC VE / VP pump

6. Can test 4-cylinder and 6-cylinder's vp44 pump. This system includes 9 kinds of data, support online adjustment.

7. The common rail system tester and diesel pump test bench can be used together by the universal flange support

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Tester and Instrument

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