You want to test cri and heui cr518-pro can help you

13 May 2023

Hi, my friend! Are you looking for a test bench for testing common rail injectors and HEUI injectors? I recommend CRYSTAL's test bench CR518-PRO for you. The system of this machine is newly upgraded and its performance is perfect. Here I will introduce this model to you.

CR518-PRO is a special equipment for electronic high-pressure common rail injector and HEUI injector performance testing.

CR518-PRO has a delicate design part, because it can test two different injectors, in order to save space and facilitate operation, we designed the function of the turntable. The installation and test benches for HEUI and high-pressure common rail injectors can be manually rotated and switched. The fixtures for testing common rail injectors and testing HEUI are installed on the rotary table at the same time, which is convenient for manual rotation and switching, easy to operate, and reasonably utilizes the space in the operating room for testing operations.

The industrial all-in-one machine has a humanized design, is oil-proof, touchable, and can rotate in multiple directions. System of CR518-PRO has built-in more than 7000 standard data; self-developed new generation PRO test control system, advanced hardware support, supports remote service and upgrade.

When designing this machine, in order to make installation and maintenance more convenient, we designed the oil circuit and electric control part to be with drawable as a whole, which can greatly reduce the time for subsequent maintenance of the machine and facilitate inspection of the machine.

At the same time, our machine is equipped with a one-key cleaning function. Simply press the one-button cleaning button to switch from test mode to cleaning mode, which is simple and efficient.

The HEUI and common rail test pipelines adopt a three-stage filtration system to meet the test requirements for hydraulic oil entering the test injector. At the same time, the high-pressure filter protects the main components and test pieces in the hydraulic pipeline. The body of this machine is made of high-quality stainless steel, and all parts are of high quality.

Do you need common rail test bench? Welcome to leave us message, we will show you more details about this machine.

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Originally published 13 May 2023, updated 13 May 2023.

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