How to find the suitable test bench

07 Dec 2021

Testing of common rail injectors and high pressure pumps on our up to date test bench and latest calibration equipment. Is your car running “lumpy” or having trouble starting due to low fuel rail pressure or maybe high emissions content.

We can use these factors to determine whether your diesel injectors have failed or are in the process of failing.

So, how to choose the suitable common rail test bench for you?

Repeated test accuracy. Electronically controlled diesel engine can perform 1-6 injections per working cycle. The requirement for injection time is very high, which can be accurate to a few microseconds. A good test equipment should accurately test common rail injection. Accurate testing of the injection response time and injection volume of the pump, the injection response time and injection volume of the pump nozzle. It can generate a QR code from the measurement data and feed it back to the ECU for automatic or manual adjustment. It can be compared with the actual measurement data of Bosch equipment, repeating more than 3 times, and the minimum test error is high-precision equipment.

The accuracy of diesel injection and combustion in the cylinder and matching components require high fuel injection volume, but due to oil temperature, oil pressure, response time, pulse width, fuel density, combustion value, lubricity, fluidity, etc. The fuel injection quantity has an impact, so the requirements on the equipment are also very high in terms of oil pressure stability and oil temperature stability. There are many aspects that affect the stability of oil pressure, such as common rail pumps, common rail pipes, filters, pressure regulators and other important components. Therefore, good quality supporting components are very important for the equipment to meet the testing standards, and they determine the reliability of the equipment.

Creus UHV Common Rail Test Bench HCR518 is a comprehensive test bench of high voltage common rail electronic control system developed by us: it can test thousands of electronic control injectors and electronic control units, including BOSCH, DELPHI, Denso, Siemens, and Carter. Pillar, Cummins and other HEUI injectors, complete test data. This is our multifunctional common rail test bench. The most important feature is that it has two workbenches and is easy to move.

It has many advantages, please let me introduce you:

Injector response time test

Bosch IQA code is self-generated and can be customized to modify the fuel injection volume of each working condition of the fuel injector

Automatically generate fuel injection compensation correction code

Test the resistance of the injector solenoid valve

Test the inductance of the injector solenoid valve

The oil pressure can be adjusted manually and automatically

Test DRV valve control current

Maximum rail pressure 280Mpa

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How to find the suitable test bench

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Originally published 07 Dec 2021, updated 07 Dec 2021.

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