Control system design of common rail test bench

21 Feb 2022

With the growing worldwide energy crisis and environmental pollution problems, people in saving energy and automotive engine control emissions of pollutants increasingly stringent requirements of mouth. High pressure common rail technology with its significant advantages has become one of the trends of modern automotive diesel technology development. Study on common rail test bench control system technology, the technological advances of the automotive industry and improve R & D capabilities, has important practical significance.

The process of development and research status of domestic and foreign high pressure common rail technology comprehensively explained. In-depth analysis of the electronic control system to control the principles of the premise, to determine the overall design of the high-pressure common rail test bench control system, high pressure common rail test conducted Taipower control unit hardware design.The layered and modular design ideas, the software design of control systems, control software features six modules include initialization module, signal acquisition module, logic control module, the drive control module, serial communication module and monitoring module including. Above each module in the electric control system relatively independent but interrelated tasks to achieve the complete control of the electronic control system. Finally, the system analysis and debugging.

common rail test bench microcontroller to control the core of the automatic control system design, to achieve pressure, fuel injection spray rate, fuel injection pulse width and other parameters of control.

High-pressure common rail technology refers to a fuel supply method in which the occurrence of injection pressure and the injection process are completely separated from each other and occur in a closed-loop system including a high-pressure fuel pump, a pressure sensor and an electronic control unit. The pressure of the high-pressure fuel pipe has nothing to do with the speed of the engine, because the high-pressure fuel pump is used to supply high-pressure fuel to the public water supply pipeline, and precise control is achieved in the pipeline of the public water supply pressure, which can cause the diesel engine fuel supply pressure to change with the engine speed. , thus reducing the defects of traditional diesel engines. The pressure of the common fuel supply line and the opening time of the solenoid valve control the fuel injection amount of the electronic control unit injector.

The high-pressure common rail diesel electronically controlled fuel injection system is the development direction of the diesel fuel injection system recognized by the global internal combustion engine industry. Due to the highly flexible control function of the system, it can achieve very high injection pressure, and the pressure during the ideal injection process can be adjusted; at the same time, it can achieve a variety of injection patterns that meet the minimum emission requirements under various operating conditions. Control and flexible and accurate fuel injection timing control, thus increasing the freedom of diesel engine control. With the development potential of diesel engines in the future to meet stricter emission regulations, there is a broader space to further improve the performance of diesel engines.

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Control system design of common rail test bench

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Originally published 21 Feb 2022, updated 21 Feb 2022.

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