A fully functional common rail test bench or a dedicated test bench

11 Aug 2021

Common rail injectors or common rail pump test bench imitate diesel engine ECU (Engine Control Unit), and provide common rail system control signals such as BOSCH, DENSO, SIEMENS, etc. to drive high pressure common rail fuel pumps and high pressure common rail injectors to work, Drive signal parameters can be set by users according to their actual conditions, and can be saved in groups, which is convenient for maintenance personnel to judge and repair the working status of the high-pressure common rail system.

For different brands of fuel injectors or common rail fuel pumps, different systems may be required to drive for testing. At present, the HCR-918 produced by our company is a comprehensive test bed for a full-function high-pressure common rail electronic control system: it adopts a fully automatic control system, which can easily perform electronic control common rail injectors (including piezoelectric common rail injectors). Oiler), high-pressure electronically controlled common rail pump, electronically controlled unit pump, electronically controlled pump nozzle, HEUI injector, HEUI actuation pump, etc. But even a comprehensive test bench like HCR-918 cannot test all oil pumps, such as PT pumps. PT technology is a patented product of Cummins in the United States. It is composed of PT fuel pumps and PT injectors. For the testing of PT pumps, a dedicated test bench is generally required for testing.

Usually,we will receive such an inquiry, some customers will want to spend the least money to buy the most complete machine. Of course, it is normal for customers to have such an idea, but such an idea is generally based on the premise that the machine has an effective realization of all functions. However, for the test bench, some functions can be implemented on the same machine, but some functions cannot be forced on the same machine. It can be done in time, and the cost is quite high, because not all customers have it. With such a demand, the cost of designing a single unit will increase. In addition, if some functions are forcibly added, the use of other functions will be restricted.

A customer from India wanted a test bench that could test common rail injectors and common rail fuel injection pumps, as well as traditional fuel injection pumps, that is, mechanical pumps. We know that the measuring cylinder on the traditional mechanical pump test bench can change its use position according to the different mechanical pumps. If the measuring cylinder for measuring the mechanical pump is added to the common rail test bench, it will limit its position movement, thereby affecting. The price of the traditional fuel injection pump test bench is also very cheap, so you can buy one specially for the special plane.

As a professional manufacturer of test benches, we can accept customers' special customization requirements for equipment, and we will also ensure that the equipment can work normally. We are also constantly developing new test bench equipment, hoping that our products can serve more and more customers, so stay tuned.

A fully functional common rail test bench or a dedicated test bench

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Originally published 11 Aug 2021, updated 11 Aug 2021.

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