Why common rail test bench is important for injector testing

29 Oct 2023

Without the proper air/fuel mixture, an engine cannot perform optimally. The fuel systems of modern computer-controlled fuel-injected engines are very reliable and require little maintenance, but the fuel injectors of these modern fuel-injected engines can become flow restricted or become "dirty" during use. When a new set of injectors are provided to the customer, check their flow to make sure they are between 2-3%. If the flow rate varies too much between injectors, the engine can cause drivability issues. When an injector becomes dirty, driving ability and power are gradually lost. Not all injectors get dirty at the same rate and therefore lose driveability in this way. Then at this time you need an excellent test bench to help you complete test work.

1, For example, the Crystal common rail test bench CR318-PRO. The common rail test bench can provide a reliable testing environment for simulating fuel injector performance under actual operating conditions. Through the test bench, we can perform various operations and tests on the fuel injection, including the adjustment and monitoring of parameters such as fuel injection pressure, fuel injection volume, and fuel injection time. These test data can help us evaluate the working status of the fuel injection and detect potential failures or performance issues. The CR318-PRO can Judge the damaged parts of the electrically controlled common rail injector by itself according to the information of fuel quantity at various working points and interface prompts.The engine power modification function by generate new ECU identification code, which is convenient, fast and useful.

2, The common rail test bench CR318-pro has been precisely calibrated and debugged to provide accurate test results. It can simulate the working status of the engine under different load conditions and ensure the performance stability and reliability of the injector under various working conditions. By repeating the test multiple times, we can obtain consistent data, compare and analyze different test results, and judge the performance and working condition of the injector.

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Why common rail test bench is important for injector testing

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Originally published 29 Oct 2023, updated 29 Oct 2023.

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