Why choose CR918-PRO for full-featured common rail test bench

01 Jan 2024

If you now need a fully functional common rail test bench, you can find many types on the market. But choosing a high-quality test bench is not a simple question, because the more advanced the equipment, the more content is involved and the requirements for the equipment are higher. If the quality of the equipment is not good, it will have very serious consequences for later use. Big impact. Now let me introduce you to one of our latest full-featured test benches.

CR918-PRO diesel injection system performance diesel test bench is a brand-new test equipment produced by our company for repairing diesel injection systems. This equipment can very conveniently test electronically controlled high-pressure common rail injectors (including piezoelectric high-pressure common rail injectors). Oil injector), high-voltage electronically controlled common rail pump, electronically controlled unit pump, electronically controlled pump nozzle, Carter Hydraulic unit pressure pump, PT injector, Cummins X15 Q60 injector, Cummins timing and metering actuator (optional) (equipment), etc. for testing and maintenance. On the basis of the traditional test bench, a number of configurations have been upgraded (the industrial computer has been upgraded to a high-performance industrial all-in-one machine, a low-pressure oil circuit system, a low-pressure oil filter system, an optimized operating system, and a common rail injector. Install fixtures, add engine power adjustment functions, etc.). The overall bench has good rigidity, stable and accurate testing, beautiful and generous appearance design, and modular and humanized design for each functional area.

There is no problem with a general full-function test bench to test common rail injectors, common rail pumps, EUI EUP and HEUI HEUP. However, if some users want to test multiple or even 6 injectors on the equipment at the same time, they need to add more Forced refrigeration system, application of professional injector brackets, etc., rather than omitting these necessary configurations to save costs. For another example, some users want to add the function of testing conventional in-line pumps to this equipment. This can be achieved on CR918-PRO, and an independent test tank system is used, which can not only test the function of in-line pumps, but also will not pollute. Test the fuel in the common rail system. Some manufacturers may ignore this point, or users may not pay attention to this point when choosing equipment. As a result, the price of the equipment is lower than ours, which saves costs, but the later use of the machine will cause trouble.

The current customers who purchase our full-featured CR918-PRO common rail test bench are satisfied with its quality, and many customers have already repurchased it. The CR-PRO series test bench is designed by a professional senior designer who has been engaged in this industry for more than ten years. The professional design team repeatedly demonstrates the design plan and optimizes the control plan. The selection of the best components, the determination of the layout and position of each component, the selection of soft and hard materials for the oil pipeline, and the optimization of the pipeline layout and length ensure the accuracy of the test results, improve the accuracy of the test results, and effectively avoid errors that affect the test results. a variety of factors. During the design process, after repeated testing and optimization, the current design plan was finally determined to ensure long-term stable and reliable operation.

Recently, in response to the needs of many customers for a single test function, our company is also constantly developing new common rail test benches. I hope you can continue to pay attention to our development, and we hope our equipment can help you.

Why choose CR918-PRO for full-featured common rail test bench

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Originally published 01 Jan 2024, updated 01 Jan 2024.

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