Why choose common rail test bench EPS205-PRO

06 May 2024

If you have a limited budget and don’t test many common rail injectors every day, and want to buy an economical common rail injector test bench, then I recommend you to choose the common rail test bench EPS205-PRO.

EPS205-PRO is a small high-pressure common rail test bench specially designed based on market feedback and market demand: small size, compact structure, beautiful appearance, accurate testing and stability. It does not lower product quality to cater to the low-price competition in the market. Every model we provide allows users to use it comfortably and reassuringly.

The EPS205-PRO high-pressure common rail injector test bench is based on the working conditions of the diesel engine ECU and the driving method required by the engine to drive high-pressure common rail injectors of Bosch, Denso, Delphi, Siemens, Cummins and other brands to achieve high-pressure common rail Accurate testing of fuel injectors. The test system comes with more than 4,000 sets of high-pressure common rail injector test data. The control system is designed with separate user-defined modes, automatic test modes, compensation code generation modes, etc. The data can be grouped and saved to facilitate maintenance personnel on high-pressure common rail injectors. Determine and repair the working condition of the oiler. The system supports real-time online upgrade services, remote assistance and remote services, accurately and quickly solving users' worries.

In order to ensure the accuracy of test data, this model is equipped with higher quality product components, including high-precision gear flow meters, stainless steel test pipelines, three-stage filtration of the measurement oil circuit, waste oil tanks and test fuel tanks, all of which are made of industrial 304 stainless steel material, etc. In order to ensure more efficient heat dissipation, a DRV high-pressure pressure regulating valve oil return two-stage forced heat dissipation system is configured.

In order to make the use of the machine more convenient, at only a small increase in cost, you can also choose to configure a base with a tool placement. Extended large-capacity drawers with high-strength industrial drawer guides. The bottom is designed with a high-strength universal wheel to make the equipment easy to move without affecting the stability of the test.

Through the above introduction, everyone is familiar with the upgrade location of this model. It is different from the traditional economical EPS205. The EPS205-PRO has higher quality, is more reliable to use, has a longer service life, and will save money in the future. Cost, wise bosses should choose products with higher cost performance, instead of just focusing on price. Welcome to FOLLOW US and see you in the next issue.

Why choose common rail test bench EPS205-PRO

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Originally published 06 May 2024, updated 06 May 2024.

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