What is the differences in crystal 318 series common rail test bench

25 Oct 2022

In recent years, the common rail test bench has been continuously improved and innovated, but there are many test bench equipment in the market, so the question is, how do we find the best equipment?

“I like your machine. Can you show difference to me?” In our conversations, customers will have such questions. There are different models on your website but they look almost the same as CR318, CR318C and CR318-PRO. I don't know how to choose.

CR318C and CR318C has a comprehensive improvement both in appearance and in the quality of main components. The appearance design of the machine has been improved in terms of aesthetics and operator convenience, especially the material is thicker and stronger. The overall structure is stable, the operation space is larger, the layout of internal components, wiring harnesses and pipelines are more reasonable, and installation and maintenance are more convenient.The main parts of the machine have also been upgraded. For example, the size and brand of the display, the quality and brand of the main motor have been significantly improved, and the three-color equipment running status indicator has been added, and the brand of some components has been effectively improved. The machine comes standard with the new PRO version of the operating system, which runs more smoothly and stably. The difference between CR318C and CR318 is that CR318C adds the measuring function of the graduated cylinder.

What is the differences in crystal 318 series common rail test bench

CR318-PRO has been optimized in terms of configuration and design concept. Both the oil circuit system and the main circuit of the measurement system are made of industrial 304 stainless steel pipes, which are free of maintenance and replacement in the later period. The control host adopts an industrial-specific high-configuration all-in-one machine with touch function, large memory, large storage space, and smooth operation. The injector installation fixture is a new upgraded version of the fixture, which is more secure in clamping, more convenient in operation, and more reliable in testing. This kind of fixture can easily and reliably add some high-pressure common rail injector inlet and return oil adapters. The fuel tanks are made of industrial 304 stainless steel, and the fuel tanks have maintenance and observation windows, which are convenient for later maintenance and inspection. Equipped with one-key cleaning function, the test efficiency is effectively improved. Liquid level gauges, thermometers, three-proof joints, main motors, cooling fans, standard parts, wiring harnesses, electrical parts, etc. Those are all selected from domestic well-known brands, and the quality is leading in the industry. The oil circuit part can be pulled out of the equipment, which is more convenient for maintenance. Modular design structure, circuit, oil circuit, control part and other partitions are installed to effectively avoid mutual interference. The operating system adopts the latest version of the operating system, running smoothly, testing stable and reliable.

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Originally published 25 Oct 2022, updated 25 Oct 2022.

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