What is the best common rail test bench

01 Dec 2021

First, you need to choose a professional manufacturer of common rail test bench. Because it can assure the quality and after sale service of the machine. Crystal test bench machinery is a comprehensive enterprise specializing in R&D, production, sales and service of internal combustion engine testing equipment. Relying on the capabilities of original equipment, at the same time self-developed software, and constantly innovating test equipment. Which provides a strong guarantee for creating first-class quality.

“Hello, this is Mike from Guatemala, and I need a common rail test bench.” There was a information on my WhatsApp. I replied him, "What vehicles do you repair? Do you test common rail injectors and pumps?” Mike replied me,"No, I only test common rail injectors, I have an EPS200 now, but it is not enough for me now. I need a test bench with coding function of all injectors","That's no problem, I will recommend our new designed common rail test bench CR318-PRO to you." I said to Mike.

CR318-PRO adopts a fully automatic control system, which can quickly test the common rail injectors (including piezoelectric common rail injectors). It can test thousands of electronic control common rail injectors, the test data is complete.CR318-PRO adopts a new design concept, creative modular design, upgraded pipeline and circuit, newly design of the appearance and a new generation of control system, which was a qualitative leap to the traditional common rail injector test bench.

“That’s great, and I really like the big screen, that’s cool.” Mike said. Sure, that’s also a updated of our test bench. User friendly designed multi touch industrial all in one interface, which can be rotated in multiple directions, is easy to operate , and has strong adaptability ; built in standard data of more than three thousand injectors. It is independent research and development of a new generation test control system, with more advanced hardware support, remote service and upgraded, it can also supports WIFI, it is very easy to operate.

Mike is very satisfied with the quality of the machine, but he worried and said:”To be honest, I have one test bench, but I can not contact the seller when the machine has problem, that’s why I am still not buy the machine from you.” I am happy that Mike can tell me that honestly. I told him that we have great after sale service and complete after-sale team. He can contact us if the machine has any problem. And we can also updated the data and support remote assistance online for him. And we have the machine in stock now, the delivery time will be very fast. Mike is very happy and made full payment immediately.

Professional all-round equipment and in addition to providing high-quality services, Crystal insist to offer the best machine to everyone.

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Originally published 01 Dec 2021, updated 01 Dec 2021.

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