What are the functions of common rail test bench CR818

15 Jul 2023

In order to meet the needs of more customers, our technical engineers have optimized the common rail test bench CR818 series products. For some customers who are sensitive to prices, we have specially launched a cost-effective and economical comprehensive common rail test bench CR818.

Maybe you will be very suspicious, what is the difference between common rail test bench CR818-PRO and CR818? The relationship between CR818 and CR818-PRO is like the relationship between iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 PRO. CR818 is an economical comprehensive common rail test bench, which is more stable and easy to operate than traditional HCR products of the same type.

Next, I will introduce CR818 in detail for you. Our common rail test bench CR818 adopts the latest operating system, which is stable in operation and easy to operate. It is equipped with a new Philips 19.5-inch industrial computer. The operating room door and the right side door observation window are all 8mm high light transmission, high strength tempered glass panels. The rotatable operation station is convenient for the operator to choose a suitable angle for operation, which is more humane. In addition, the CR818 is equipped with a common universal bracket for the fuel injector as standard, and a new universal bracket for the fuel injector can also be selected according to the needs of users.

In addition, It’s also equipped with a foldable mouse box keyboard tray and a three-color status indication alarm light. The design of the three-color status indicator light makes it easy to check the operating status of the equipment. The refrigeration method adopts the circulation pump to strengthen the forced fan cooling. The measurement system is a high-precision gear flowmeter oil quantity measurement system. In addition, the machine is a cast iron workbench, which ensures the stability and accuracy of the test during the working process.

Compared with the traditional test bench of HCR series, the overall of CR818 is firmer and more stable, with a more beautiful and atmospheric appearance. The testing process is more stable and reliable, each functional division is more reasonable, easy to maintain and install. Our designers increase the drawer design is convenient for storing tools and some test accessories, the ceiling light of the operating room adopts multiple high-brightness LED disc lights, so that the operation will not be affected by the ambient light source. The pipelines and wiring harnesses are optimized, which provides a strong guarantee for the stability test.

What functions does CR818 have?

1. Test high-pressure common rail injectors produced by BOSCH, DENSO, DELPHI, CATERPILLAR, CUMMINS, SIMENS, L'ORANGE, Xinfeng, Chongyou, BYC, LongBeng, etc.

2. Test high-pressure common rail pumps produced by BOSCH, DENSO, DELPHI, CATERPILLAR, CUMMINS, SIMENS, Xingfeng, etc.

3. Test electronically controlled pump nozzles and electronically controlled unit pumps produced by Caterpillar, Delphi, and Cummins, etc.

4. The operating system and hardware support can automatically generate fuel quantity correction codes for electronically controlled common rail injectors: QR, IQA, IMA, ISA, c2i, c3i, (VD0)ICc.

5.The test process can be selected according to the actual situation, the test data report can be automatically generated, and printing is supported.

If you have any other questions or needing for common rail test bench, please feel free to contact us at any time.

What are the functions of common rail test bench CR818

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Originally published 15 Jul 2023, updated 15 Jul 2023.

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