Warmly welcome moroccan customers to visit the common rail test bench factory

03 Feb 2024

With the rapid development of Taian Crystal Machinery Co., Ltd.'s common rail test bench and the continuous improvement of product research and development capabilities, the scale of overseas sales markets continues to expand. With its high-quality products and services, it has been recognized by overseas customers and attracted A large number of overseas end customers come to visit our company.

Recently, a Moroccan customer wanted to better understand our common rail test bench. Came to the company for an on-site inspection. The customer visited the production workshop and learned about our product CR318-PRO(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_X9S4PQwM7M) in detail. The design of every detail is reasonable, and the product is fully guaranteed in terms of operation, appearance and the quality of each part. The sliding door adopts large-spacing stainless steel handles: good hand feeling, good appearance and convenient operation. Drawer handle: self-developed and designed stainless steel arc handle, reliable and beautiful to use.The one-key cleaning function is specially designed, which effectively improves the test efficiency of customers, eliminates the erroneous results caused by the confusion between testing and cleaning, and eliminates a lot of unnecessary troubles for customers.

During this period, the company's products, production and R&D capabilities, after-sales service system, etc. were introduced in detail to the customers. After a 3-hour discussion, we understood the current confusion of customers. In response to various questions raised by customers during the visit, the company's relevant technical personnel gave detailed answers. Their rich professional knowledge and skilled operating skills won the trust of customers. The company's frequent praise also left a good impression on customers, fully affirming the company's R&D capabilities, production capabilities, management capabilities and other aspects.

Through this on-site visit, the customer affirmed and praised our company's long-term high standards and strict quality control, fast delivery cycle and all-round services. The two parties discussed production and manufacturing, product research and development and future trends ofcommon rail test bench. Have in-depth discussions, discuss cooperation and seek common development.

Warmly welcome moroccan customers to visit the common rail test bench factory

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Originally published 03 Feb 2024, updated 03 Feb 2024.

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