To the imitators of crystal common rail test bench

23 Sep 2022

After a good product or a useful product technology appears, there will always be a group of imitators. Some of them aim to improve their products and services through such an opportunity, while others copy them in appearance. In fact, they still use outdated things internally for the purpose of competition.

Since the advent of our common rail test bench CR318-Pro and CR818-Pro, there have been a number of competing products that look the same. I think the same could happen for more new products that we're going to be interviewing for. But I can responsibly say to our users "They just can copy the appearance, but not the quality and the idea of making a product.

Then let's talk about why we want to make higher quality products and why we want to make products with higher prices than others? Won't users opt for cheaper devices?

The reason for making such a choice is to stand out in the low-price and low-quality competitive environment and provide users with better products and services. The common rail test bench is essentially a service equipment. If there is a problem with its quality, it is irresponsible for the user and the object it serves. As for the price, the quality determines the price, and the user will have his own judgment.

Taking CR818 as an example, what efforts have we made in terms of quality?

The CR818 series products are a new generation of upgraded products with independent intellectual property rights developed by our company. Take the CR818-PRO version as an example. Through careful research on market demand and customer feedback, the product has a modular design for each functional area. Different functional requirements of customers are combined in various ways, and the upgrade interface of optional functions is retained, which reflects its professional quality and product characteristics in terms of product design, manufacturing process and selection of key components;

If you find a device similar to our product in the process of choosing a common rail test bench, be sure to contact our sales consultant to inquire about their differences in detail.

In the new product series, the biggest feature is the different needs of users, realizing a larger customizable space, meeting different user needs and saving costs. Please continue to pay attention to our company if you like common rail test bench CRYSTAL common rail test bench and related equipment.

To the imitators of crystal common rail test bench

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Originally published 23 Sep 2022, updated 23 Sep 2022.

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