The latest high pressure common rail test bench

23 Aug 2022

The main function of the injector test bench is to complete the performance testing and related testing of the high-pressure common rail injector. The test bench provides a certain pressure of high-pressure fuel and related electronic control devices for the electronically controlled fuel injector. It is equipped with the basic high-pressure fuel pump, fuel pump and common rail pipe of the common rail fuel system, and is equipped with a frequency converter and a speed regulating motor to drive the fuel pump. The electronic control unit controls the opening and closing of the high-speed solenoid valve of the injector to realize high-pressure injection. The injected and returned diesel oil enters the fuel metering unit from the oil collecting assembly for metering; the system operation and display unit is used to set and adjust the system parameters, and at the same time display the injection Oiler performance and system working status.

In order to meet customer needs and market needs, our company has developed CR818 series products . The common rail test bench CR818 series products are a new generation of upgraded products with independent intellectual property rights developed by our company. Take the CR818-PRO version as an example. Through careful research on market demand and customer feedback, the product has a modular design for each functional area. Different functional requirements of customers are combined in various ways, and the upgrade interface of optional functions is retained, which reflects its professional quality and product characteristics in terms of product design, manufacturing process and selection of key components.

This product incorporates the latest design concepts and has greatly improved the previous products, focusing on the following aspects:

1. The common rail injector test is equipped with a one-key cleaning function. The conversion from cleaning to testing only needs to press the cleaning function button, which is simple and efficient.

2. Configure the equipment running status and fault high-end LED three-color alarm lights.

3. There is room to expand and test multiple high-pressure common rail injectors at the same time.

4. The overall casing structure has been optimized and upgraded. The lateral span is increased and the center of gravity is more stable. The thickness of the chassis plate is increased, the rigidity of the chassis is enhanced, and the shock resistance is better. No chattering issues when testing high torque common rail pumps and EUI/EUP.

5. The operating room is spacious, and the height of the operating room is moderate. The position and size of the observation window are reasonably designed, so that the testing process can be fully observed. The function of the test part can be expanded (the upgraded cam box can be added, the test PT injector and PT pump, Cummins X15 Q60 injector, timing and metering actuator, etc. can be added).

6. The running host and display part adopt high-performance industrial all-in-one machine, with stable operation, fast running speed, large storage space, and oil-proof touch function.

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The latest high pressure common rail test bench

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Originally published 23 Aug 2022, updated 23 Aug 2022.

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