The function of generating QR code for common rail test bench

02 Nov 2021

Are you looking for a new age common rail injector test bench? Do you want to test and repair common rail injectors?

Is your test bench doesn’t enough test plans?

There are many diesel test bench brands, so you can’t decide which one do you need? Is it expensive or has not enough for you.

Recently, many customers, especially some traders, asked me: What is a code? Why do we need to code after testing? Because in the past few years, in the Chinese market, maintenance personnel did not need to code, they just repaired the injector based on the test results and experience of the test bench. The injector can work normally on the engine, but why more and more maintenance in the last two years The personnel are concerned about whether the code can be generated after the machine test?

Simply put, after the injector is repaired and installed in the engine, it works normally, but the engine performance may not be as comfortable as the injector. It is not repaired, because assembly and repair must change the tiny parameters of the injector's working state, and it cannot be 100% the same as before. In this case, the test bench generates a code that is created based on the injected and returned collections. In many places, the code is like a communication protocol. The maintenance worker inputs this code into the ECU, and the ECU will do well. Adjust your own control and injection. At this stage, the ECU's working performance will reach the perfect situation the same as before the injector was repaired.

If the code is not printed after maintenance, the following problems may occur in the injector:

In reality, if the fuel injector is not coded, the driver may return to the garage due to increased fuel consumption or black smoke.

Unable to start-In some of the latest systems, if the injector does not have a code, the vehicle will not start.

Since the injector is not coded, the ECU will continue to refuel, just like the previous injector, the engine management light may also be on, which may cause another visit to the garage.

What type of injector needs to be coded?

DELPHI CR Injector-A typical code is 16 alphanumeric characters (C2i injector) or 20 characters for the most recent application (C3i injector).

DENSO Common Rail Injectors - QR code, Denso tried to make some injectors that do not require coding, but the technology was not successful in the end, so except for a few types and some very early models that do not require coding, most injectors require coding , The typical code length is 16-24 alphanumeric characters, depending on the vehicle model.

BOSCH Common Rail Injectors-all need to be coded, although some early versions may not need it. Simply put, if there is an IMA code, the injector will need to be coded. The typical length of the code is 6-10 digits and can be found on the injector head.

Cummins injector: At present, there is only one model known to require coding, which is 9 digits. This model of injector is widely used in a variety of vehicle models. common rail test bench produced on CRYSTAL company can encode the above injectors, if you have an interests, please feel free to contact.

The function of generating QR code for common rail test bench

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Originally published 02 Nov 2021, updated 02 Nov 2021.

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