Support crystal genuine common rail test bench

04 Dec 2022

With the continuous innovation and development of common rail test bench, more and more common rail test bench equipment has appeared on the market, and even different suppliers have appeared products that look almost the same. At this time, it is important for you to choose regular equipment It is necessary to say, so how do you make the right choice? This article takes you to see the difference between genuine and pirated machines.

Let's take the CR818-PRO product as an example. The common rail test bench CR818-PRO and PLUS independently developed by Taian Crystal in 2022 and launched in July has been imitated by other companies and sold to customers with low-cost configurations. Hereby, we will Analyze the details of genuine and imitation products, and beware of being deceived. The CR818-PRO developed by Taian Crystal has an appearance patent certificate. Through market feedback and the company's professional design, adhering to the concept of truly thinking about customers, every detail of the design is a professional display, and we will show you in detail.

Every detail of Taian Crystal, from the design to the effect drawing, has undergone repeated scrutiny of every detail by the designers, carefully listened to the feedback from customers from the perspective of use and operation, and finally presented it to everyone. The modular design runs through it, which is convenient for maintenance and later module upgrades. The standardized design of each component drawing (each component has a corresponding drawing number for unique identification) can be traced to the source at the first time, effectively relieving customers from worries. Provide strong technical support for product quality. The newly designed operation station is perfectly matched with the overall chassis, and the all-metal buttons and indicators highlight the technology and high configuration. The design of multiple drawers is convenient for users to use. Adhering to the concept of thinking for users, every detail of the design is designed after repeated scrutiny and three-dimensional demonstrations by designers, and finally presents the most reasonable and perfect to customers.

1. Equipped with industrial-specific large-screen industrial all-in-one machine (with touch function), high configuration, stable and reliable, suitable for industrial environment, more reliable operating environment, smoother operation, larger storage space, equipped with wireless keyboard and mouse, easy to operate more convenient.

2. Equipped with a one-button cleaning function, which effectively improves the test efficiency of customers, eliminates wrong results caused by confusion between testing and cleaning, and eliminates many unnecessary troubles for customers. The upgraded version of the operation interface has made brand-new adjustments from classification to specific operations, and the stability of the internal program has also been greatly improved. Some function buttons have been added to the interface to greatly improve the functionality of the operating system, making it easier for the operator to perform operations. operate.

3. The new bracket for testing single or multiple fuel injectors is installed, which is convenient, stable and reliable, and will not cause damage to the fuel injectors. Both the built-in fuel injector and the external fuel injector are convenient. for clamping.

The imitation uses an old-fashioned operating station, which has a low structural fit with the new appearance, a sense of patchwork, and the overall effect is poor. The traces of piracy in the appearance are obvious. Using ordinary civilian monitors + civilian low-configuration computer hosts, the running speed is slow, unstable, and the storage space is limited. Small. The imitation products still use traditional buttons, the configuration has not been improved at all, there is no one-key cleaning design, and the operability and aesthetics have not been improved at all. The old-fashioned fuel injector bracket is used. During the process of clamping the fuel injector and the test process, the nozzle part of the fuel injector will be damaged to a certain extent. The fuel injector part will be affected by external forces, which will damage the nozzle seriously, and affect the fuel volume if it is light. , the distance between the injectors is too small to install the built-in injector.

Please look for authentic test bench when buying, Taian Crystal will continue to innovate in the future, to give back to our customers with the highest quality products.

Support crystal genuine common rail test bench

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Originally published 04 Dec 2022, updated 04 Dec 2022.

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