Know the function of common rail test bench

26 Jan 2022

Diesel fuel injection is a finely tuned system that enables your truck to operate as efficiently as possible. Diesel engines have been honed over the years to deliver the exact amount of fuel needed at just the right time. They have also been designed to endure tough driving conditions.

However, your diesel truck’s fuel injection system can go bad, which will greatly affect your vehicle’s performance. Like any fine-tuned system, if something is just a little off, it can affect the entire machine.

What Causes Fuel Injectors to Fail?

Many things can interfere with the performance of your diesel fuel injection system. They generally fall into two categories: debris in the system and damage to internal parts.

Debris in the Injection System

The fuel filter typically catches large debris in the fuel system to prevent it from getting into the injectors. However, diesel fuel does contain particulates that can get into the injection system and build up over time. Fuel injectors convert the fuel into a partially atomized mist they spray into the pistons. If the injectors get clogged, they cannot deliver the right amount of fuel, and your vehicle’s performance will suffer.

Damage to Injection Parts

Over time, the internal parts in each fuel injector can get worn or damaged. Anything from the injector solenoid to the nozzles could either wear over time or get damaged during maintenance.

How to Test Fuel Injectors?

When you bring your injectors in to have them tested, the first thing that should happen is a good cleaning. All the carbon should be removed from the end, and all excess debris should be cleaned from the outside of the injector. Once they've been cleaned, they go on the common rail test bench.

The test bench is an important part of the console. In recent years, due to the requirements from home and abroad (mainly China and the United States), the test bench has gradually developed and grown.

The function of the common rail fuel injection pump test bench:

1. The engine works normally and runs normally;

2. All sensors and actuators are complete and effective, and the high-pressure common rail test bench can be tested by special instruments;

3. Digital display of the voltage change value of each sensor;

4. Pointer oil pressure gauge displays fuel pressure and oil pressure;

5. The pointer vacuum gauge shows the specific value of the vacuum pressure of the intake pipe.

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Know the function of common rail test bench

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Originally published 26 Jan 2022, updated 26 Jan 2022.

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