Is the after sales service of the common rail test bench really necessary

28 Apr 2023

Do you choose to continue purchasing new equipment because of good after-sales service? When asked if after-sales service of the common rail test bench is really necessary? My answer is yes. After-sales service is the last process of marketing and the beginning of re-marketing. It is a long-term process. Everyone should establish such a concept that after a product is sold, if the promised service is not completed, then it can be said that the sale has not been completed. Once the after-sales service is well completed, it means the start of the next marketing, as the saying goes: "A good start is half the success”.

We all know that there are many factors that affect the transaction. First of all, the quality of the machine is the first, so what else is there? Is it the price? It is true that some customers put the price first, and they will be very happy to buy some common rail test bench with similar functions but at a lower price. But when they start using the machine, a series of problems arise. When you turn to the supplier at this time, how will they treat you? Do you choose to ignore it or continue to help you? This is what I'm going to talk about today. Recently I received such a message. "I will humbly request never to buy from that company . Their after sales, support and any questions after you buy it, it’s just nothing for them. " First of all I feel very sad how they treat their customers like this!

After-sales service is a kind of advertisement and a key link to win reputation for the company. I often hear that although this product is more expensive, the service is good, and that one is cheaper but the service is not guaranteed. The laws of the market have proved that the accumulation of corporate reputation largely comes from after-sales service. After-sales service can further enhance the relationship with customers and lay the foundation for the next step of cooperation. I believe that a good after-sales service personnel can always leave a good impression on customers, establish good relationships with different types of customers, and even become friends. In fact, it has already increased the success factor for the next cooperation.

Hi Sophia, did Pal have contacted you about common rail test bench? He's a good friend of mine and he needs your CR918-PRO. Wow, it was you who recommended Customer to me. He says“your service is the best. Although I have cooperated with other companies before, no supplier can give me such a good service. No matter what the problem is, your engineer can always help in the first time. I'd be more than happy to refer you to more clients”.

Crystal common rail test bench with good after-sale service. If you also need such a common rail test bench, please try it.

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Originally published 28 Apr 2023, updated 28 Apr 2023.

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