How to maintain the common rail test bench

26 Aug 2021

With the rapid development of diesel vehicle technology, especially the application and development of high-voltage electronically controlled common rail systems in diesel engines has become one of the important directions for the development of diesel engines today. In the teaching of automobile maintenance engineering, the application of diesel common rail test bench is more and more extensive, and the functional requirements of the test bench are becoming more and more comprehensive.

The maintenance of the test bench during use is a very important part. The correct maintenance can not only ensure the normal operation of the equipment, but also extend the service life. The following editor teaches you how to properly maintain the common rail test bench.

Maintenance and maintenance of fuel system:

1. The fuel in the fuel tank should be replaced with new oil every 800 hours of work or after 500 pumps have been commissioned;

2. The tubing clamps at each joint must be correctly set and clamped to prevent oil leakage and air entry.

3. The coarse filter is cleaned every 800 hours of work or after 500 pumps are debugged;

4. Regardless of whether the hand wheel of the pressure regulating valve is rotated to the left or right to the end, it must not be rotated hard to avoid damage to the pressure regulating valve.

Adjustment of standard injector

In order to ensure the test accuracy of the test bench, the PJ-40 calibrator is used to periodically check the standard injectors to check whether the opening pressure is correct, the standard pressure is 17.5+0.2MPa, and the flow uniformity of the injectors is checked.

Inverter regular inspection

Regular maintenance and inspection of the frequency converter are required to ensure a more stable and safe operation of the host. Please note that the power must be cut off when checking the frequency converter. After the AC power is cut off, the capacitor has not been discharged before the "charging" indicator light of the inverter goes out. Do not touch the electrical appliances and devices. You should wait until the indicator light goes out before checking.

Periodic inspection of universal joints of couplings

Due to long-term operation, check whether the universal joint connecting screws and shrapnel are loose or broken on a regular basis to ensure the safe operation of the main engine.

In addition, it is also very important to follow the correct operation steps of the machine. Crystal provides a complete operating manual and training video for the common rail test bench. You can operate step by step according to the video to ensure that your operating steps are correct and to better protect the machine. we also provide a lifetime warranty and a complete after-sales service system for the machine, so that you have no worries about your purchase.

How to maintain the common rail test bench

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Originally published 26 Aug 2021, updated 26 Aug 2021.

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