How to choose the suitable common rail test bench

28 Jun 2022

There are many common rail test bench on the market, so how do we choose a suitable and good test bench equipment? The most important thing is to look at its details. Only detail is done well, quality of the test bench can be guaranteed. Today let's take the model CR318PRO as an example and see how it gets the details right.

CR318PRO high pressure common rail electronic control injector test bench adopts a fully automatic control system,which can quickly test the common rail injectors (including piezoelectric common rail injectors). It can test thousands of electronic control common rail injectors, the test data is complete. CR318PRO adopts a new design concept, creative modular design, upgraded pipeline and circuit, newly design of the appearance and a new generation of control system,which was a qualitative leap to the traditional common rail injector test bench.

The new type of universal mounting bracket for fuel injector improves the defects of the old bracket, and makes the mounting bracket more firm and reliable, with a more beautiful appearance. The clamping hand wheel is made of stainless steel, which is more convenient to operate. The rationalized layout of the dome lights in the operating room ensures that there is no dead angle in the dark area, and the temporary mounting bracket for the injector is designed to be convenient and practical. Dedicated industrial all-in-one machine (with touch function), high configuration, stable and reliable, suitable for industrial environment, wireless keyboard and mouse, making the operating system operating environment more reliable and smoother operation, the elevation angle of the all-in-one machine can be adjusted according to the actual situation of customers, In order to meet the customer's best viewing angle position, the operation part can be rotated and adjusted as needed.

The measurement pipeline is made of industrial grade 304 stainless steel seamless steel pipe. The overall layout is reliable and beautiful. There is no need to consider the problem of pipeline aging and pipeline pollution, and the problem of later maintenance is eliminated. The influence of man-made uncertain factors effectively prolongs the service life of the wiring harness. Through reasonable wiring, the problem of interference between wire harnesses is also eliminated. The pipelines are neat and reliable. From the fuel tank to the high-pressure common rail pump through a three-stage filtration system, the filtration accuracy is strictly guaranteed at 3μ-5μ, and the highest standard in the industry is implemented. The fuel tank, connecting joints, and low-pressure pipelines are all made of 304 stainless steel, which eliminates the problem of material pollution and pipeline aging. The high-pressure part strictly selects original Bosch accessories to ensure the performance stability of the high-pressure part. To sum up, the equipment has been fully upgraded from the convenience of hardware, which is incomparable with traditional low-configuration products.

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How to choose the suitable common rail test bench

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Originally published 28 Jun 2022, updated 28 Jun 2022.

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