Do you know difference between common rail test bench

27 Oct 2021

Many customers have different requirements for common rail test bench. For example, some customers need test bench for testing common rail injectors, some customers need test bench for testing injectors and pumps, and some customers need to test HEUI. So we need to recommend different model for customers. And customers maybe confused about what’s the difference between different models.

I will talk a story about my customers Jake from Malaysia. Jake want to buy a common rail test bench to test injectors. But there are two models here. The HCR-318pro and EPS205.

HCR-318 diesel high pressure common rail electronic control injector test bench: adopts a fully automatic control system, which can easily test the electronic control common rail injectors (including piezoelectric common rail injectors) . It Can test including Bosch, Delphi, Denso, Siemens, Caterpillar, Cummins (Dongkang, Fukang) and other thousands of types of electronic control injectors, the test data is complete.

The EPS205 high pressure common rail injector test bench is designed to drive high pressure common rail injectors such as CATERPILLAR, BOSCH, DENSO, DELPHI, SIEMENS and other high pressure common rail fuel pumps (CP1, CP2, CP3, HP3, HP4, DELPHI, etc.) to achieve precise testing of common rail injectors. More than 3,500 sets of data are stored inside. The control system is designed with a separate user-defined mode, automatic test mode, compensation code generation mode, etc. Data can be grouped for storage, which is convenient for maintenance personnel. The working status of the high-pressure common rail injector is judged and repaired. The system supports real-time online upgrade service, remote assistance and remote service, accurately and quickly solve the user's worries.

Jake is very confused, I described to him the difference between the two machines, as below:

The EPS205 size is smaller than HCR-318, the shipping price will be lower than HCR-318. But the operation room is also smaller. For the PC controller, the EPS205 is10.4inch LED PC panel, the HCR-318 is 19.5inch LED PC panel. For the injector fixture, the EPS205 is simple fixture, need to match various injector adapters. The HCR-318 is equipped with universal injector fixture to meet the test of most injectors. The fuel supply system, the EPS205 use CP1 pump, small fuel tank, fuel supply system without cooling and heating function. The HCR-318, after using the CP3 pump, the equipment is equipped with a fuel temperature control system (heater and oil cooler) to control the oil temperature to 40±2 degrees. For the measuring, the EPS205 is two-stage filtration. The HCR-318 is 3-stage filtration. For the maintain, the EPS205 is small individual, compact internal space. The HCR-318 is large internal space, easy maintenance.

He is very satisfied about the description of the difference. In the last, he decide to buy HCR-318. He think it is more useful for him.

There is just a story of my customer, we also have many customers in the world and exported above 150 countries. If you are interested in our test bench and want to know the difference, please contact us. It’s honor to talk more with you.

Do you know difference between common rail test bench

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Originally published 27 Oct 2021, updated 27 Oct 2021.

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