Crystal provides you with more test bench options

02 Apr 2024

In order to meet the different needs of customers, Taian Crystal has developed new common rail test bench CRS1000 series. This series of test benches can be customized according to the different needs of customers and has received a lot of praise in the market. Below, we will introduce this product to you in detail.

CRS1000 can accurately and automatically test the high-pressure sealing of electronically controlled high-pressure common rail injectors, full-load fuel injection volume, oil return volume, discharge point fuel injection volume, idle oil volume, pre-injection fuel injection volume, pre-injection return oil volume, etc. , can automatically generate electronically controlled common rail injector oil quantity correction codes: QR, IQA, IMA, ISA, c2i, c3i, (VD0) ICC, etc., common rail injector solenoid valve armature lift test, high-pressure common rail injection Oil injector opening pressure test, opening pulse width test, response time test, resistance value and inductance value test of the injector solenoid valve, manual open mode test, engine power boost function, spray atomization effect viewing, etc., complete and accurate data , and can provide remote assistance and online upgrades.

This common rail test bench is equipped with a new injector installation fixture and a classic built-in injector oil return set. It adopts a highly stable welded casing, a rotary operating station design, and is equipped with the latest research and development control system, with comprehensive and accurate data. The machine uses all stainless steel buttons and indicator lights, which is more advanced and safe. It is also equipped with an independent circulating air cooling system and an industrial heater heating system. The test oil tank and waste oil tank are both made of industrial 304 stainless steel. The plugs are all metal and have high current. Three-proof connector has a longer life and is more durable than ordinary plugs. Equipped with wireless keyboard and mouse, easy to operate. Moreover, the operation room door adopts left and right push-pull type, which is convenient, reliable and safe. The observation window glass is made of 8mm high-strength and high-transmittance tempered glass. The operating room ceiling light uses multiple high-brightness LED disc lights to provide the operator with a better field of vision.

The low-pressure oil circuit adopts a three-stage filtration system with a filtration accuracy of 3-5 μm. Precision flow meter automatic test data and advanced data processing algorithms provide guarantee for accurate testing. The system pressure adjustment range is 0-2000BAR, with precise pressure control, short pressure stabilization time, and rapid adjustment, which greatly shortens the test time.

If you have other needs, you can also tell us and we can adjust according to your requirements until you are satisfied.

Crystal provides you with more test bench options

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Originally published 02 Apr 2024, updated 02 Apr 2024.

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