Crystal gives you reasons to choose China common rail test bench

19 Jun 2024

Are domestic products really inferior to imported ones? I really don't believe it! No one wants to be a vain person, and no domestic product wants to be called a substitute for a certain big brand. Two years ago, domestic products wanted to challenge big brands? But there is a hard-working player, the Crystal common rail test bench, which has been rolling up to the level of three years in a year, and has the strength to challenge big brands.

The CR-PRO common rail test bench series, which is independently developed, designed and patented, is far ahead in the entire test bench industry. Whether it is the new control system or the design combination of various components, it is amazing, and has established business partnerships with customers from all over the world in many years of development. For example, the CR918-PRO, which has been on the market for only three years, has been exported to more than 100 countries and received praise from countless customers.

This series uses a professional version of the touch screen industrial all-in-one machine with high configuration, stable operation and fast speed. It adopted new control system makes the operation more stable, efficient and convenient. The industrial all-in-one machine is installed through the angle adjustment bracket, so that the screen can be adjusted at a certain angle to adapt to the viewing angle of different people and optimize the influence of ambient light. Equipped with the performance test of Caterpillar HEUI, which is easy to install and accurate to test.

Some customers also want to test some traditional in-line pumps, VE pumps, VP37 pumps, VP44 pumps and other pump types that require graduated cylinder measurement. That's no problem for Crystal diesel test bench CR918-Pro. The model equipped with a 12-cylinder auto-turning oil collecting tank assembly, it can allow the equipment to and can also increase the measuring function of the measuring cylinder for the measurement of the high pressure common rail injector.Caterpillar medium pressure actuated pumps can be performance tested, convenient, fast and accurate.The fuel hose is special customized by ourselves, aging resistance, small bending radius and easy to use.

Some customers maybe worry that the fuel oil will be polluted by the material. I just let you know that will not happen on the Crystal test bench CR-PRO series. The fuel tank is equipped with maintenance and observation windows, which is convenient for later maintenance and observation of oil. The fuel tank is made of industrial 304 stainless steel, so that the fuel oil will not be polluted by the material.And we equipped with fuel high pressure filter and oil high pressure filter, the filtration precision of fuel high pressure oil supply and oil high pressure oil supply can be effectively guaranteed.

Not only that, we also have a professional and efficient after-sales team to help you solve your problems. We are professional, efficient and reputable, and welcome everyone to contact us!

Crystal gives you reasons to choose China common rail test bench

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Originally published 19 Jun 2024, updated 19 Jun 2024.

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