Crystal common rail test bench meet various needs of customers

18 Mar 2024

Mr. Juan is a customer from Canada, he is looking for a common rail test bench but he has special requirements about the test bench. “I want a common rail test bench, but only test common rail injectors and common rail pumps, do not need cam box. And I want graduated cylinder function. Do you have suitable model for me?” Of course no problem, our new CRS1000 series common rail test bench can realize the combination customization of multiple test functions.

CRS1000 common rail test bench is a patented products, diversified designs to meet different customer needs. This equipment adopts a new appearance design and has applied for an appearance patent. The details and operation are more humanized. The new software operating system independently developed by Crystal company has added advanced functions. The electrical control part also adopts a modular design, and the electrical installation is highly integrated. The display adopts an industrial all-in-one machine with ergonomic design, the operating system runs more stably and is more comfortable to use.

The CR1000 series test bench can accurately and automatically test the high-pressure sealing of electronically controlled high-pressure common rail injectors, full-load fuel injection volume, oil return volume, discharge point fuel injection volume, idle oil volume, pre-injection fuel injection volume, pre-injection return oil volume, etc. Can automatically generate electronically controlled common rail injector oil quantity correction codes: QR, IQA, IMA, ISA, c2i, c3i, (VD0) ICC, etc., common rail injector solenoid valve armature lift test, high-pressure common rail injection Injector opening pressure test, opening pulse width test, response time test, resistance value and inductance value test of injector solenoid valve, manual open mode test, engine power boost function, spray atomization effect viewing, etc. The data is complete and accurate. And can provide remote assistance and online upgrades. And it can test Bosch CP1, CP2, CP3.3, CP4 (optional), Denso HP3, HP4, HP5 (optional), HP6 (optional), HP0, Delphi, Siemens, Carter 320D and other high-pressure common rail pumps. Oil performance, normal working performance of low-pressure oil inlet metering unit and high-pressure proportional valve, etc.

The common rail test bench CRS1000 series has 20 combination methods, for example, CRS1000-I that only tests the injector; CRS1000-IC that tests the injector plus graduated cylinder function; tests two or four injectors at the same time; tests only the common rail pump; only tests the common rail pump; Test eui eup. You can tell us your needs and we will customize the corresponding configuration for you.

If you have any requirements for common rail test bench, please feel free to contact us at any time.

Crystal common rail test bench meet various needs of customers

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Originally published 18 Mar 2024, updated 18 Mar 2024.

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