Crystal as the pioneer of common rail test bench is your reliable partner

31 May 2022

With the development of science and technology, we realize that the current level of technology is not as simple as we imagined. The current development of the high pressure common rail injector test bench has promoted the development of many industries. In today's situation, do you know what its advantages are and why it is so popular?

The fuel injection pressure in the common rail system of the high pressure common rail test bench is flexible and adjustable, and the required optimum injection pressure can be determined for different working conditions, thereby optimizing the comprehensive performance of the diesel engine. The fuel injection is controlled by the solenoid valve, and its control accuracy is high, and there will be no bubbles and zero residual pressure in the high-pressure oil circuit. Therefore, within the operating range of the diesel engine, the variation of the circulating fuel injection quantity is small, the uneven oil supply of each cylinder can be improved, thereby reducing the vibration of the diesel engine and reducing the emission.

The common rail technology of the common rail test bench refers to a fuel supply method that completely separates the generation of injection pressure and the injection process from each other in a closed-loop system composed of a high-pressure fuel pump, a pressure sensor and an ECU. The high-pressure fuel is delivered to the public fuel supply pipe by the high-pressure fuel pump, and the oil pressure in the public fuel supply pipe is precisely controlled, make the pressure of the high-pressure oil pipe independent of the speed of the engine. This can greatly reduce the variation of diesel fuel supply pressure with engine speed, therefore, the defects of traditional diesel engines are also reduced. The ECU controls the fuel injection volume of the injector, and the fuel injection volume depends on the fuel rail pressure and the length of the solenoid valve opening time.

So the question is, how to find a reliable manufacturer of high pressure common rail injector test bench? With this question in mind, I will tell you about my story with my Moroccan client, Joualla. He operates an auto repair tool and equipment shop, mainly procuring common rail test bench equipment and tools for customers. He said, "I import a lot of test bench equipment from China every year, and I just purchased ten common rail injector tester from other manufacturers a few months ago. I accidentally saw your company's equipment, your test bench is very beautiful, and I see that you are a professional high-pressure test bench manufacturer, I would like to purchase test bench equipment from you in large quantities. But before I make a large purchase, I need to buy a sample to check your products quality." From the customer's point of view, I understand his concerns, because product quality is crucial and necessary to find the best partner. From our conversation, I felt that he is very gentleman, and we can communicate in Chinese without any problems. Although Joualla is from Morocco, he speaks Chinese very well. He told me that he lived in China for a while and was still studying at Zhejiang University, so he speaks Chinese fluently.

In the next few days, we communicated the details of the test bench, shipping costs and other issues, and then the customer confirmed the order very quickly. He told me that I like your products very much, and your service attitude is also very good, your reply to questions is very timely. All things considered, I think you are a reliable partner. Are you still troubled by not being able to find the most reliable supplier? Crystal as the pioneer of common rail test bench can provide you with high-quality products and comprehensive services, and is your trusted partner.

Crystal as the pioneer of common rail test bench is your reliable partner

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Originally published 31 May 2022, updated 31 May 2022.

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