Common rail test bench keeps injectors functional

03 Jun 2024

Before discussing Common rail injector testing, we will give you some insights about common rail fuel injection.

In the common rail system, fuel is distributed to the injectors via a rail which is a high-pressure accumulator.

Electronics control the pressure in the rail and the start and end of the signal that turns on the injector for each cylinder.

So the benefits of a common rail system are that it can perform multiple fuel injections in a single combustion cycle and at a much higher pressure.

This leads to lower emissions and a better fuel economy, but this system comes with risks as it is susceptible to damage and being worn out.

Why common rail testing is Needed?

Common rail injector systems need constant maintenance and testing because they can fail sometimes, especially with all the advanced technology they use.

Below are common rail failures that must be prevented by common rail test bench:

Particle Contamination

If the filtration was inefficient, even a tiny strain of human hair can cause significant damage to the system. Such failures include alterations in the fuel spray pattern, which disrupts the timing and distribution of the fuel inside the engine.

Water Contamination

This is another cause of common rail injector failure, which occurs when there is excess water circulating in the fuel. If this happens, water will react with the chemicals within the fuel and thus corrode metal surfaces and reduce the lubrication between mobile parts. Water contamination leads to early wear and tear not only in the common rail injector but also in the high-pressure fuel pump.

Faulty Installation

Another reason for premature common rail injector system failure is improper or incorrect installation. For example, if you forget to install the nozzle washer or set it up wrongly, the combustion residue will leak behind it. Several errors might seem simple and negligible, but in fact, they can cause serious damage like poor injector performance and less efficiency.

How do you test common rail diesel injectors?

There are several ways to conduct a diesel injectors test, like checking the engine for light or noise or engine surge or misfire. however, after figuring out that the injector needs testing, for complete testing, you must utilize one of common rail test bench in order to perform the Common Rail Testing process.

How is Common rail injector repair done?

Common rail injector testing indicates the issue with the injector. However, common repair practices include replacing the nozzle, then disassembling the injector, and replacing the high-pressure sealing washer. Then you will need tools to repair valve sets and magnet assemblies.

Common rail test bench keeps injectors functional

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Originally published 03 Jun 2024, updated 03 Jun 2024.

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