Common rail test bench brings you efficient work

20 Apr 2022

We all want the best mileage and performance from our vehicles, and one of the keys to an optimally functioning engine is a clean fuel injector. The fuel injectors on your car are components that use an electrical signal to deliver a precise amount of fuel into your engine. As they get older or dirty, they can start to malfunction. Additives and hydrocarbons present in fuel can often leave gunk or buildup around the nozzle of the injector, causing poor fuel flow, ineffective atomization, and uneven distribution.

Ideally, you should fuel your vehicle with high-quality fuel that limits the amount of injector buildup. However, even the most well-fueled injectors must be cleaned or replaced at some point.

Unlike many engine parts that require regular maintenance, there is no specific time or mileage to indicate when you need to clean your injectors. Fortunately, when your injectors get dirty, there are plenty of ways for your vehicle to let you know it's time to clean them.

Symptoms of dirty injectors

The first thing you'll notice is a significant reduction in power or acceleration. Power reduction is usually due to an ineffective air-fuel ratio, which can be caused by a clogged nozzle.

You may also notice a drop in fuel efficiency as your engine uses more fuel to maintain the same level of performance. Stuttering and misfiring can also indicate blocked injectors due to missed strokes.

These symptoms may not always be caused by dirty injectors. Failure of other engine components can also cause these problems. So if you want to be sure it's the injector that needs cleaning, you need to do a diagnostic test .

How to test your fuel injectors

Cleaning fuel injectors can be a complex and laborious task, and if you're not mechanically aware, you can damage important engine components. Doing some simple tests before you start can save you some time and hassle.

To perform these tests, you need to choose a fuel common rail test bench to do that. It is used to diagnose the faulty Common rail injector by testing it for its spray pattern, output delivery to back leakage ratio, full load delivery, low load delivery etc.

Taian Crystal Machinery Company is a professional manufacturer of common rail injector test bench for many years. We have different machine models which can test different injectors and pumps. Our machine adopts a fully automatic control system, which can easily perform electronic control common rail injectors (including piezoelectric common rail injectors) and high voltage electronic control common rail pumps, Testing and maintenance of electronically controlled unit pumps, electronically controlled pump nozzles, HEUI injectors, HEUI actuation pumps, etc.

If you need this kind of machine, you can contact us and we will provide you the best quality machine. Waiting for your inquiry.

Common rail test bench brings you efficient work

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Originally published 20 Apr 2022, updated 20 Apr 2022.

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