Choosing the right common rail test bench will make business effortless

29 Nov 2023

In the maintenance industry, we often see a situation like this: a car is driven to a repair shop, and the driver gets off the car and tells the repairman that my car has poor power, emits black smoke, and has high fuel consumption. At this time, the maintenance technician will often check the fuel injector first. After the fuel injector is removed, he will test the pressure with a hand pump on the tester. As long as the fuel injection nozzle is slightly atomized poorly, he will make a decision to replace the fuel injector. After replacing the new fuel injector, the problem of the vehicle was still not solved. This is a misjudgment that often occurs during maintenance. How to avoid this problem? Therefore, it is crucial to choose a high-quality common rail test bench for injector testing.

Next, we’ll explain in detail why you need to invest in a quality diesel test bench and guide you in making the right decision for this equipment.

The right common rail test bench will impact your business and determine the profitability of your repair business. High-quality equipment requires less maintenance than cheaper models, and the machine is less likely to break and you won't have to buy new equipment again. While the machine costs more in the short term, the savings on repairs and new equipment are worth it in the long run.

Quality service is also crucial, and the success of your repair business ultimately depends on the quality of service you provide. That’s why providing exceptional service is at the forefront of the industry, and you can do it with the help of the right machines.

As a professional common rail test bench manufacturer, we are committed to providing customers with the highest quality and most advanced machines so that customers can use them with confidence. Recently I received feedback from a Turkish customer, he was very satisfied with this machine.

What he purchased is our common rail injector test bench CR318-pro. This test bench adopts a new design concept, from the modular design of the product to the upgrade of product pipelines and circuits, to the overall design of the appearance and the new generation of control program, this makes CR318-PRO a qualitative leap forward on the basis of traditional common rail injector test bench products.

Before purchasing, the customer also consulted other suppliers, so he was very worried about choosing the right machine and didn't know which one to choose. Because the customer asked me at that time, "the price of the fuel injector test bench given to me by another supplier was very cheap. Why is your price so high? Why don't you want to start a business between us?" Through communication, I learned that the customer mentioned the other machine was a conventional type of machine, so I explained the differences in the machines and told him I would rather spend my time explaining you the price of our product than explain it to you when something goes wrong. Although our machines are expensive, their quality is very good. I would rather suggest that you spend more money to buy a good quality common rail test bench so that you will be happy to use it in the future and have less after-sales fees, rather than seeing you buy other machines of poor quality that are terrible to use or even You'll probably spend more money to fix them.

The CR318-PRO high-pressure common rail test bench adopts a fully automatic control system to quickly complete the test of common rail injectors. It can test thousands of models of injectors including Bosch, Delphi, Denso, Siemens, Caterpillar, Cummins, etc., with complete test data. After some communication, the customer finally chose us.

This shows how important it is to choose the right machine, which will make doing business easy. If you are still worried about not finding a suitable common rail test bench, I believe you will find the answer after reading this article.

Choosing the right common rail test bench will make business effortless

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Originally published 29 Nov 2023, updated 29 Nov 2023.

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