How to choose the common rail test bench

07 Mar 2021

Before answering this question, let us have a simple understanding of the test bench. Common rail test bench. The function of the high pressure common rail system controller is to imitate the diesel engine while providing Bosch, Delphi, Siemens, Denso, and other common rail system control signals to drive the high pressure common rail fuel pump and high pressure common rail injector. During the work, the user can set the driving signal parameters according to their actual conditions, and can be saved in groups, which is convenient for maintenance personnel to judge and repair the working status of the high-pressure common rail system.

You may have doubts. With so many test bench in the market, the prices, quality, and services are all different. It can be said that they are uneven and difficult to choose. Every company advertises their machine, in diesel service field, but how choose the one that suits me?

We think the fact that there is still an covid-19 in the world, although we welcome to our country and factory, But the visa for customers to come to China will be still difficult. Since we can’t visit the physical factories, let’s compare the overall details of the machines. This is very important. Just like a car-loving friend, even if you don’t know the price, the car that makes your eyes shine is higher in price and better in quality than other ordinary cars. Then the test bench is the same. First, compare the appearance of the machine, the details of the machine, and the assembly process. If all these are done, then you can rest assured that the quality of this machine is definitely guaranteed.

Let us compare one of our products HCR-918 test bench as an example.

In terms of function, we can achieve the function as Bosch. In addition, you can compare with other manufacturers in China. Firstly, our HCR-918 test bench is different from the previous Chinese manufacturers. Just from the machine main casing, our cost is higher than that of other manufacturers in China, this is the basic to guarantee the high stability. Secondly, the workmanship of the equipment is different, the details are also different, you can compare this by yourself. If you need to observe these, we suggest that you can make a video call with us, such as Whatsapp, Wechat, etc., and we can show you the detailed content. Thirdly, many manufacturers in China use old systems, we use the latest high-pressure common rail sub-system. Fourth, most suppliers use common black flange cam boxes, we use Hartridge cam boxes. The cost difference for a single cam box is huge. Fifth, other supplier uses a single motor to drive all functions. We use five motors to drive all functions separately, this is the guarantee of the high quality and long life of the machine.. Fifth, our machines all have BIP function and fuel injector coding function.

This is just a part of our HCR-918, we take it as an example for comparison. If you want to choose a really good product, then price must not be the only factor. Different prices can make a difference quality.

If you have interest about our test bench, welcome to inquiry, we will give you a suitable tool to improve your diesel calibration service!

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Originally published 07 Mar 2021, updated 07 Mar 2021.

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